Attention Invention ® is your How-To-Channel for useful inventions that are easy to build. In order to bring the innovation home to the viewers, the videos are accompanied by further helpful documents such as plans and lists of parts. You can find these in the download section.

The videos are presented by Björn M. Otto, who is an Electrical Engineer located in Munich, Germany. Björn is a patent attorney and partner at Hoefer & Partner Patentanwälte mbB.
The inventions presented in his videos were motivated by daily problems occuring in family life, while working in his law firm and home-workshop, and even when going out with friends.

His passion for woodworking and construction first originated in his youth when his father took him to his home-workshop. From there, this passion grew into another goal for
Attention Invention ®: Motivating parents all over the world to support their children’s creativity and to spend time crafting with them.

When asked to reflect on his vision for Attention Invention ®, Björn answered:

"I owe so many awesome youtubers so much! May Attention Invention be my contribution to making people smile, letting them use their hands and hearts and help to keep the world an innovative place!​"

Björn Otto, Electrical Engineer

In order to bring only interesting, relevant and easy to build inventions to the viewers, we do not accept any sponsoring from the industry such as tool manufacturers. We are very grateful that Hoefer & Partner Patentanwälte mbB provides the ressources for making ad-free videos. Since patent attorneys have a heart for every inventor and love every invention by law, we feel substantially independent. The inventions presented on the channel so far are conceived by Björn. We look forward to publishing your proposals in the future, if you’d like, since your mental contributions are the best possible sponsoring we can hope for!

The website “Attention Invention” and the trademarks “Attention Invention” and the “Light Bulb”-Icon are owned by Hoefer und Partner Patentanwälte mbB.

This website does not provide legal advice. The inventions have not been searched for third parties protective rights. Please make sure that your actions do not infringe existing patents or trademarks, at least if you do not act as a private person.