Videos & Downloads

Videos & Downloads

Welcome to the heart of innovation: The entire collection of Attention Invention videos, free plans and additional information. Have fun and stay safe when building your personal version of the inventions listed below! In case you want to receive a notification as soon as a new video is released, please subscribe to our youtube channel. Due to the high amount of time-consuming work that is involved in producing and filming each video, we will not adhere to a strict upload schedule at this time, especially since we would like to make every upload/video as entertaining and informative as possible.

Attention Invention is not liable for any claim, especially for compensation of damages, against those persons who use the plans or videos for rebuilding the inventions specified therein.
There’s always more than one way for arriving at the desired result. Tools may be dangerous! If you operate tools, make sure that you are allowed and that you are able to safely do so.


Shoe net

A space-efficient and stylish way to store and present your high heels.


Eye and Ear Protection

Most ergonomic combinations of protective eyewear with earmuffs.


File Butler

The best possible solution for arranging files and paperwork at your desk.