Attention Invention® is your How-To-Channel for useful inventions that are easy to build.

In order to bring the innovation home to you, most of our videos are accompanied by further helpful documents such as plans and lists of parts.

You can find these in the download section.

The videos are presented by Björn M. Otto, who is an Electrical Engineer and Patent Attorney located in Munich, Germany. Björn is a patent attorney and partner at Hoefer & Partner Patentanwälte mbB. The inventions presented in his videos were motivated by daily problems occuring in family life, while working in his law firm and home-workshop, and even when going out with friends.

Latest Inventions


Shoe net

A space-efficient and stylish way to store and present your high heels.


Eye and Ear Protection

Most ergonomic combinations of protective eyewear with earmuffs.


File Butler

The best possible solution for arranging files and paperwork at your desk.

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